June Update

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve published anything and I’m feeling pretty okay about that. Life is moving ahead at a terrifying pace and I’ve already begun to think about my second year on the JET Programme.

Despite the fact that I haven’t even been here for a whole year yet, I feel like I’ve already got all of my second year planned. People are coming to see me, I’m going to see people, I’ll eventually run out of vacation days again, and then I get a new batch of kids to terrify with “good morning”.

The novelty of living in Japan has worn off and under all the luster and shine, I still feel like I’ve got it pretty good. It’s like when you find out your shiny new coins aren’t actually solid gold, but were actually filled with chocolate all along. Everyone loves chocolate anyway.


The past month has been fairly big for me for a number of reasons. I’ve had visitors and I’ve also been lucky enough to meet a lot of people. One of the big perks of being near Osaka is that people can come visit and not be bored out of their minds. My good friend Jon spent about 10 days here and we were able to find something for him to do every day within 2 hours of my place. It was really great to see him and it kind of reminded me of the days when we lived together in that shitty apartment back in Winnipeg. Jon was my first roommate after I moved out of the university dorms and we went to both elementary and junior high together. He helped keep me connected with the ongoing drama of back home and all the changes that had taken place (read: almost zero).

Next month I expect to meet up with Nikki all the way from Brisbane. The month after that I’m also lucky enough for “The Champion” to bless me with his presence. Jae is coming too. Somehow all these people from Stockholm over 2 years ago still like me. I don’t know what I’ve done or not done to deserve this, but I’m very excited. I’ll actually be visiting the tropical paradise of Okinawa with them.

I also recently took on two more volunteer positions for the JET community. I will be representing my region of Hyogo in the Hyogo Prefectural Association for JETs and I am also taking on the position of Director of Digital Resources for the National Association for JETs. Looks like I’ll be pretty busy from now on so I’ll have even less time to write here.

I know this post is kind of shit and low effort, but I feel like that’s a good way to describe my blog now. I hope some of you still read this in hopes of keeping updated with me.


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