Japan Bucketlist

1. Eat at Jiro’s.

2. Attend the Sapporo Snow Festival.

3. Eat giant crab in Hokkaido.

4. Go to Okinawa.

5. Climb Mt. Fuji and see the sunrise from the top.

6. Drink a beer at BrewDog Roppongi.

7. Go to Tokyo Disneyland.

8. See the snow monkeys in Nagano.

9. Go to the Yokohama Ramen Museum and try everything.

10. Go to Himeji Castle.

11. Go to Zauo and catch my dinner.

12. Take a ferry from Fukuoka prefecture to South Korea.

13. Learn how to speak Japanese at a conversational level.

14. Go to an outdoor onsen in winter.

15. Go to FujiKyu.


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